The Hourglass Institute Series:

Book 1: Tomorrow's Guardian (Out now)
Book 2: Yesterday's Treasures ( Coming Spring 2011)Find out more

Tomorrow's Guardian is a Time Travel adventure for Young Adults:
Time Travel Sounds like fun until you try it.

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Experiencing disturbing episodes of déjà-vu, eleven year old Tom believes he is going mad. Then, he meets the adventurer Septimus Mason, who shows him that he is a “Walker” – someone who can transport himself to other times and places.

Septimus explains that these abilities could be removed leaving him, once more, an ordinary schoolboy. Given the hurt these talents have caused, the choice would seem easy enough, but it is not so simple.

In dreams, Tom has experienced life as other “Walkers” in times of mortal danger: Edward Dyson killed at the Battle of Isandlwana, 1879; Mary Brown who perished in the Great Fire of London, 1666; and finally Charlie Hawker, a sailor who was drowned on a U-boat in 1943.

Reluctantly agreeing to travel back in time and rescue them, Tom has three dangerous adventures before returning to the present day.

Tom’s troubles have only just started, however, for he has now drawn the attention of powerful individuals who seek to use him to change history and to bend it to their will. This leads to a struggle wherein Tom’s family are obliterated from existence and Tom must make a choice between saving them and saving his entire world.

Coming Early 2011 : The paperback of Tomorrow's Guardian


Feedback and reviews

What Robert James says about Tomorrow's Guardian:

'Richard Denning, ... keeps the action fast and furious for the 400 or so pages of the book. Diving in and out of time, and in and out of the Twisted Reality (the other universe), there's never a dull moment as the inevitable confrontation with the evil Redfeld, villain of the piece, comes closer and closer.'

'I recommend it to readers around Tom's age, many of whom I confidently expect to absolutely love it. '

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I recieved Tomorrows Guardian on Thursday and my youngest James (10) and I are reading it together. It's causing bedtime issues in that he wants to read more than time allows.
Great story.

I can see this as a movie. Can I be in it?
Helen aged 13

This book is amazing
Lily aged 13

Book 2: Yesterday's Treasures ( Coming Spring 2011)

Everyone is searching for pieces of 'The Crown of Knossos:' historical artefacts which when assembled allow control over all of history in this and in the Twisted reality. The Hourglass Institute, Redfeld's masters and even the Directorate are soon in the hunt. One by one the pieces are found but eventually Tom and the others discover who is really after The Crown and what their motivations are. 

It is only then that they realise the extent of the danger, for 'Yesterday's Treasures' can mean the destruction of tomorrow.