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Mercia Books is publishing Historical Fiction and Historical Fantasy and Young Adult Science Fiction.

Our first publications wereThe Amber Treasure, The Last Seal and Tomorrow's Guardian.

These have been followed by the sequel to Tomorrow's Guardian: Yesterday's Treasures, the sequel to The Amber Treasure: Child of Loki and the latest book - Shield Maiden.

Publication Schedule: Here are details of our publication schedule.

Our books feature cool book covers by talented artist Cathy Helms of Avalon Graphics and Gill Pearce of Helions Art.

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The Northen Crown Series
The Hourglass Institute Series
The Praesidium Series
amber treasure
tomorrows guardian
yesterdays treasures

...all good stories are about a sword.

Historical Fiction in Dark Ages Britain


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Time Travel sounds like fun until you try it...


Adult time travel adventure

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Gunpowder and sorcery in 1666.


Young Adult Historical Fantasy

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